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Air coolers vs air conditioners








Hey, friends Today we are debating on air coolers vs air conditioners. So it’s an exciting debate. Lets we start from first with:

Air coolers and Air conditioners descriptions

In my suggestion air cooler is the best after considering all environment, pollution, health, cost, global warming point of views. We have to think about our future generation to improve the quality of life. After considering all these finally I say that air cooler is best.

  • Are you want to save future generation?
  • Regular user of an air conditioner?
  •  Want to save the world from global warming?

If the answer is Yes so let’s read this article once. I have presented you the difference between air coolers and air conditioners with its best and worst part of both ,so you can take the decision very easy way.

An air conditioner is not cost-effective, health benefits, nature- friendly & pollution free. Moreover, the big hand in creating global warming in our beautiful world is an air conditioner after cars and cutting trees itself. The heat which is going out on our environment from ACs is very harmful. It is dangerous for children, infants & pregnant ladies.

So, it is an opportunity for me to present to you the difference between air coolers vs air conditioners.Now I want to talk about all points one by one to save our world from diseases, pollution & global warming.

Difference between Air coolers vs Air conditioners on various point views:



Air coolers give the air by evaporated and by natural process. So, it is quite well for human health.

An air conditioner provides cooling in your room through ductwork, it draws out the warm air inside and removes the heat.


Air coolers give the best quality of air. It gives you fresh and pure clean air and doesn’t pass dry air. Doctors preferred Air coolers for all because it doesn’t harm asthma and dust, allergy patients.

An air conditioner circulates the internal air itself which is not pure and clean. It leads to various diseases such as fever, cold, etc. and throws dry air which is not considered good for human health.


Of course, no doubt an air cooler is the best, if we talk about on the budget point of view. The good and efficient air cooler comes in between 3000 to 10000 INR. If your budget is coming under the above listing, go for an air cooler.

Now we talk about an air conditioner, the starting range is 15000 INR which gives you a normal one, even not of the very popular brand. If you want Well branded AC for your home so just increase your budget at least above 25000 INR.


Air cooler gains one more plus point on to air conditioner that it is ecofriendly. It uses water as refrigerant which is not harmful to anyone.

An Air-conditioner is harmful to our environment much. As it uses CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) and HFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons).it provides dry air by using compressor a chemical refrigerant.


Air cooler doesn’t require extra maintenance cost. You need to do cleaning of your air cooler once in a season and don’t require to spend extra bucks for damage. As the parts of coolers come very economical and available very easily in markets.

The maintenance cost of an air conditioner is very huge. If any part is damage like a compressor or gas filling pipe, you just prepare your mind to spend above 4000 INR. You cannot do the service and cleaning of your ac alone, you need a serviceman of the company, they will charge money for their services.


Air cooler gives the best and pure clean cooling. Nowadays branded cooler provides an ice tray so you can just put some ice in that tray and will get the high cooling with an extreme level of freshness for many hours.

An air conditioner no doubt gives extreme cooling but it gives dry air which is harmful to our health and mostly on children’s point of view. The freshness level of the air conditioner is just getting the least score as compared to air coolers.

Power usage

If we talk about electricity usage so the coolers are best from this point of view. An air cooler is a power saver. Electricity consumes by air coolers is around 110 watts to max 400 watts only. You can easily run your cooler for the whole day with freeness in your mind about the electricity bill.

An air conditioner consumes huge power.  Electricity consumes by air conditioners of 1.5 ton is starting from 1.2k watts. The indoor unit is around 100-200 watts. And even outdoor also consume electricity around 1 k watts.

So, you cannot run ACs with so much freeness.

Extra accessories

Coolers need extra accessories like a cooler basket, ice tray, stand but if you pick your room cooler from a good brand coolers dealers provides all these parts without any high charge. Secondly, if the brand is not providing this, you can easily purchase all this from the market within fewer bucks of yours.

In an air conditioner, you also get the extra accessories like a stabilizer to control the power which is compulsory to fit and it comes in between 3000 INR to 10000 INR. All installation parts of an air conditioner come very expensively while fitting in your room.


See this is very plus point of air coolers that you can easily move your coolers from one to another room. So, you need not purchase another cooler for another room. Nowadays almost every brand gives you wheels and stands to move and put your cooler anywhere inside the room as per your choice.

Movability of an air conditioner is zero so can’t move your ACs from one to another room because it does not install daily. It fit into one room permanently. so, you can’t enjoy cooling in other places in the room. You will have to purchase another one of the other room and it will require again extra huge bucks.

Design & colors

Now a Days good brand gives you good and awesome design which suits your room. It comes in a plastic body with so many different color comes in round, square, rectangle, etc. shapes which give you many choices.

An air conditioner comes in only two shapes square one which is a window and another one in rectangle this is split ac. So, you cannot get the choice to select the shapes. Almost every brand has the same shapes and colors.

Inverter friendly

You easily run your cooler with inverter for long hours as compared ACS.  Nowadays almost every brand gives you this option so you can enjoy the cooling when there is a power cut out in your home.

An air conditioner is not inverters friendly. Even only some brands give you this feature, which is very costly in price.

Remote control feature

Good brands provide you a remote as you use in its. so, you enjoy the facility of remote control in coolers also

An air conditioner has also a remote so it is not an extraordinary feature because now a day’s air cooler has the same one.

Global warming

Air cooler doesn’t enhance Global warming in our beautiful world. It is more saver than ACS.

A big hand of global warming is an air conditioner. Nowadays every one opts ACs, it cools inside but at the same time, leading to excessive heat outside our environment which very harmful for our coming generations.



Air cooler is of two types

: Desert cooler

: Room cooler

An air conditioner is of two types

: Window AC

: Split AC

So Finally, I have presented you the differences between Air coolers vs Air conditioners.

Now lets I will show you the rating as out of 5 so you can judge easily.

Out Of 5


COST-EFFECTIVE               5              2

INSTALLATION                  5              2

DAILY MAINTENANCE      5              2

ECO-FRIENDLY                  5              1

GLOBAL WARMING           5              0

FRESH AIR                         5              1

REMOTE CONTROL           4              5

INVERTER FRIENDLY         5              4

DESIGN                             4              4

MOVABILITY                      5              0

EXTRA ACCESSORIES        5              3

POWER USAGE                 5              1

COOLING                          4              5

Now after comparing the features of both, I am comparing the types of air coolers vs air conditioners.


Air cooler and air conditioner both have two types. First I am talking about air coolers, there are

Two types:

Desert cooler

Desert cooler is giving air by the evaporative process. They are usually fitted outside the room, big in size and comes in a smaller number of designs and colors.

It gives you fresh and clean air and much better than room cooler if we talk on the cooling point of view.

Movability of desert cooler is zero. And it creates a lot of noise pollution.

Desert coolers come in an iron body which does not have long life durability.

Room cooler

Room cooler is less powerful than a desert cooler on the cooling part. If you want the designer models so room coolers are the best. It comes in a lot of designs and colors with a warranty.

They have wheels so you can easily put the room cooler anywhere in your home according to your needs. It creates not much noise pollution as compared to the desert cooler.

The room cooler comes in the plastic body.

Now come to the air conditioner it also comes in two types as:

Window AC

Window ACs have a single unit so, you can easily place it inside, need not require any extra space. Installation is easier and cheaper than split ACs and requires more space to fit on the wall.

Heat exchangers, compressors, motors, and pipes are fitted on the same base.

Split AC

Split ACs has two units (indoor and outdoor unit). You have to need an extra space for the outdoor unit as it throws heat from there. Its installation is not an easy one. A person comes from the company side for installation and they have charge extra bucks from you.

They are costlier and maintenance requirement is a lot.

Frequently asked a question related to Air coolers vs Air conditioners:

  • Does air cooler consume more electricity than air conditioners?

No, air cooler consumes less power than air conditioners. The power usage of max up to 400 watts and in an air conditioner starting point of usage is 1 k watts at least.


Air cooler is the best and preferred by doctors for patients than air conditioners. Air conditioner led to many diseases as compare to coolers.


  • Which one is costly air coolers or conditioners?

Air conditioners are more expensive compared to coolers. If your budget is under 5000-15000 INR so go for coolers because air conditioners starting range is from above 20000 INR.


Extra accessories are available in most of the coolers. Generally, it depends on the brands which you choose. All brand is not offering you all accessories but in the air conditioner, you just not need any extra accessories.


  • Are coolers being preferable for the dry environment or conditioners?

Air coolers are more preferable for dry places because air conditioner gives you already dry air so it is not good for that environment.


  • Do coolers come in various designs and colors?

Yes, now a day’s coolers come in various designs and a lot of colors. So, you can select the best model for your beautiful home.


  • Do coolers come in different types?

Yes, coolers are of two types like of air conditioners (window and split ACs)

  • Desert coolers
  • Room coolers


  • Can we put the cooler inside like an air conditioner?

Yes, now a day’s cooler is coming with wheels and can be put into your room inside itself. The cooler movability is very good if we compare air coolers vs air conditioners.


  • For asthma patients, air conditioners are good or not?

No, for asthma patients air conditioners are not good because the air conditioner gives the dry air so coolers are more preferable for them. Prolonged exposure to air conditioners can contribute to worsening your asthma and enhance your ling infections also.


  • Is cleaning of coolers is tough as compared to air conditioners?

Air cooler is easy to clean than air conditioners. A serviceman is required to clean your air conditioners but in cooler, you can do the same by yourself very easily.


  • Does air cooler work if we compare to conditioners

The air cooler works by the evaporating process to cool the air. You must need the ice to add into the water to enjoy the cooling like an air conditioner.


  • Does air Conditioning worsen the cough and cold?

Yes, the answer is very correct and true. If you are suffering from fever, cough, cold and sleeping in the air-conditioned room so once shut down your air conditioner and you can easily see the result itself.


  • Does Air Conditioner cause hair fall?

Yes, it is strange but the answer is true. An air conditioner can cause hair loss too much. More exposure to cold and dry air led to hair loss as compared to hot air.


  • What are the side effects of air conditioners?

An air conditioner has many sides affects

  • It affects respiratory systems mostly for children and old age people.
  • Dry your skin and led to hair loss also.
  • Adds to noise pollution.


  • Which cooler is best for a small room size?

For small room size, the desert cooler is best. As you can easily put your cooler outside or in the window section of your home. The room cooler covers the extra space inside of your room.


  • Which cooler is best for a large room size?

For large room sizes, the room cooler is best. As you can easily move your cooler inside and enjoy cooling wherever you want. Desert cooler does not provide the same enjoyment.


  • Does split ACs is good or window ACs?

Both have their unique quality but the window has long durability of life then split. While considering the cost point of view then again window ACs are cheaper than split.


  • Which require more cleaning desert or room coolers?

Desert coolers require more cleaning as its placement is outside so, there is more chance of dust, insects, pollution come inside it as compared to room coolers.


  • Does the desert cooler have an ice tray feature?

No, desert coolers have not to ice tray feature. It only gives you simple evaporated cleaning by the use of normal or cold water whichever you use to fill your tank.


  • Does the ice tray feature is good?

No, according to my it is not so much good because after some hours ice melts and again you will get the normal air.


  • Who has more movability desert or room coolers?

Room coolers are movable as it has wheels. Desert coolers are fixed in one place so you cannot move it.


In conclusion after giving a comparison of all features and its types of air coolers vs air conditioners one by one. I have present ratings and graphs to you. After concluding this, I must say the air cooler is best for our home. It is eco-friendly and cost-effective as compared to the air conditioner while using all possible features of the air conditioner in an air cooler.

If I compare the types, they both are of two types and having their unique advantage and disadvantage.

So just go for air coolers without any doubt in mind. Save the environment save future generations by our single step towards it.

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