Top 10 Best Air Conditioner In India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide!

The air conditioner is the most common electronic in Indian households. Most of the areas in India suffer from huge humidity levels and warmer than in other countries therefore, the air conditioner is a very important part of their household commodity like air coolers, washing machines. The best air conditioner in India are mentioned below:

There are two types of air conditioner

  1. Window AC
  2. Split AC

Both are good one but the difference is that the window is best for larger space and have only a single unit. On the other hand, the split is best for a smaller area and having two units indoor and outdoor.

Features are considering while selecting the best air conditioner in India are:

  • Warranty
  • Aluminum or copper fitting as to check the durability of wires.
  • Inverter friendly
  • Low noise operations
  • Power saver
  • Pricing
  • Auto start option
  • Anti-dust feature
  • Automatic temperature set
  • Dehumidification function

Window AC

Window AC is the most common AC in Indian households as it is mostly used as compare to split AC. It has a single unit that includes a compressor, motors, connecting pipes, and heat exchangers. It is easy to install anywhere whether it is residential or offices so you can easily opt for this one.

Top 5 Brands of window ACs are:

    1.  Voltas 185 DZA 1.5 Ton 5 Star

Voltas is the topmost brands of the best air conditioner in India. The AC comes with the following best features:

  • 5 Star grading with good efficiency so it is the best energetic feature.
  • It gives clean and pure air with freshness as the dust filter and negative Lon filter attached in it which automatically remove contaminants.
  • Sleep mode feature maintains room temperature so you don’t worry to adjust the temperature at the whole night.
  • The condenser coil is made up of copper and quite good quality so it’s durable for a long life.
  • During rainy days in which the humid level is extremely high so, the dehumidification function helps to maintain the temperature and avoid creating humid air in the room.
  • The company gives 1 year of warranty for its product plus 5 years of warranty for its compressor which is very good.

    2.  Voltas 125 DZA 1 Ton 5 star

Again, Voltas takes the second position in window ACS. The AC features as below:

  • The condenser coil is made up of copper of good quality.
  • 5 Star ratings come in very efficient pricing.
  • The auto-swing option helps to give the good flow of air into your entire room without focusing in a single direction. So, this option makes cooling in all parts of the room.
  • Dehumidifier functions help to maintain the good temperature in the room in the monsoon season. In the rainy season, the level of humidity is in a high mode so this function helps to give good room temperature with controlling on the humid air.
  • The auto-restart feature is also available in this model. When the electricity went it avoids the power failure in your AC or gives any damage to it. When the electricity comes back it automatic start according to the requirement of temperature.
  • It gives fresh and clean air with the help of an Anti-dust filter. This feature avoids the entry of mosquito and any dust particles in it.
  • It has 1 year of warranty on the product and 5 years of compressor warranty.

    3.  Hitachi RAW312KWD 1 Ton,3 Star

Hitachi is a very popular brand of AC in an Indian market. Every second person gives you a suggestion to buy the Ac of the Hitachi brand when you are in search of the best air conditioner in India.

Now let’s talk about the features:

  • 3-star efficiency rating within a good price.
  • It has a condenser coil made up of copper.
  • Automatic setting of room temperature feature. This feature sets the temperature of the room itself according to the requirement. You don’t worry to set it again and again which disrupts your comfortability part.
  • In humid days the dry mode is very useful. It decreases the temperature and gives the dry air required in humid days in a monsoon season.
  • A filter cleaner indicator helps you to know when to clean the filter. So, You can easily get healthy and fresh air as your filter is always clean.
  • After a power failure, your AC automatic starts with the automatic restart feature availability in it.
  • It has 1 year of warranty on the product and 5 years of compressor warranty.

    4.  Blue star 3WAE081YDF 0.75 Ton 3 Star

Blue is another brand od AC which is very popular nowadays. This model is very good if we compare it with the other brands of the best air conditioner in India or have a question in mind

Which is the best window air conditioner in India?

It features describe as below:

  • This model has 3-star efficiency ratings.
  • It has a condenser coil made up of copper.
  • It has 1 year of warranty on the product and 5 years of compressor warranty.
  • The dry mode features help in reducing the entrance of humid air in the monsoon season. So, the room temperature is automatically giving dry air in the humid season.
  • Special Anti-corrosive blue fins to resist the corrosion and increase the cooling while transferring the maximum heat from the room to outside.
  • The anti-freeze thermostat feature on the indoor coil stops the compressor automatically so it protects the whole unit and gives safety also.
  • Automatic temperature set or comfort sleep features hep to maintain the room temperature of the whole night by automatically. So, you have not to stand up and adjust the temperature with remote in the mid of your sleep because it automatically does by itself.
  • Hydrophilic Blue evaporator fins condensate the water and reducing the collection of dust and any other harmful particle. So, it ensures fresh and cool air.

    5.  Whirlpool WAC 1.5 Ton MAGICOOL COPR 5 Star

Whirlpool is another brand of an air conditioner which is very popular and one of the best. The features of this model are:

  • It has 1 year of warranty on the product and 5 years of compressor warranty.
  • This model has 5-star efficiency ratings.
  • The condenser coil is made up of copper of good quality.
  • 6th Sense energy saver technology automatically adjusts the room temperature and makes your room very pleasant.
  • For rapid heat exchange and offering good cooling in your room the Multiport fluid injection feature is quite useful and supportive.
  • 6th sense sleep function maintains the room temperature according to the sleep mode environment. So, you can take a good sleep.
  • This model works up to 60 degrees Celsius temperature due to turbo cooling technology present in it.
  • The auto-restart option is available, so AC on with the same temperature by itself when there is a power cut in your area.

Split AC

Split ACs are also one of the good types of the best air conditioner in India. It has two units Indoor and outdoor. It is quite successful for small space as compared to window AC which is preferable for larger space. Many brands give you many excellent features in an AC.

Nows let talk about one by one

    1.  Voltas Split AC 183DZZ

Voltas is a very good and popular brand in the best air conditioner in India. This model comes with many good features in good pricing. The features are:

  • Its is big and give excellent cooling in an even the temperature is going to be up to 50 degree Celsius.
  • Auto-restart option so no need to set manually the temperature after the power cut out.
  • Energy-efficient, copper fitting in its best cooling with easy maintenance.
  • The sleep mode feature helps to adjust the room temperature at the time of sleeping. Therefore you can take calm sleepover a full night
  • Dual display so you can set the temperature and room temperature at one time.

    2.  Carrier 1.5 Ton 5-star inverter friendly

Carrier is another good brand of split AC. In my recommendation carrier split, AC is very good and durable with an attractive feature as compare to others. If you increase your little budget so go for this brand without any doubt. The features are as follows:

  • The cooling level supports up to 60 degrees Celsius of temperature so it is very good for Indian weather.
  • It can work in even voltage fluctuation, if it drops to 195v then your AC works well at that time. So, we can say it bears the low voltage fluctuations.
  • This model comes with inbuilt support of stabilizer. It can work efficiently between 150v-280v without the need for a stabilizer. Therefore you need not worry to spend extra money on the new stabilizer.
  • Inverter friendly Air conditioner when there is a power cut out in your area you can easily run it.
  • 5-star ratings with good efficiency.
  • After above all features It gives One year of product warranty with 5 years of compressor warranty.

    3.  Lg 1.5 Ton 5-star inverter split AC

This LG model comes with good features and within a good price for the Indian budget. Great look and 5-star energy ratings.

  • A dual rotary compressor offers faster cooling in the room and has more electricity savings. so, do not worry about heavy electricity bills.
  • 100% copper fitting in all indoor and outdoor units which is very good and durable.
  • Cool the area very quickly as Himalaya cool technology is used in it. So, after turning on the AC, within a minute it starts cooling in the portion where it has placed.
  • Pure and fresh air flow due to proper filter feature is placed in it So, the detects low refringent itself.
  • Inverter friendly when there is a power cut out in your area You can run it..
  • One year of product warranty with 5 years of compressor warranty.

    4.  Daikin 1.5 Ton 4-star inverter friendly

Daikin offers good quality products and comes with an attractive feature in split AC. It is costlier but if we talk on the quality side this is the best brand of split AC as compare to another brand of it. The features are:

  • NEO swing compressor reduces friction and vibration. It also prevents gas leakage during compression.
  • Power saving mode is useful to save the electricity bill. Econo mode is useful when you operate two or more electronic machines at one time so this model saves energy.
  • The in-built stabilizer helps in reducing the extra cost of purchasing the stabilizer and external placement area.
  • Indoor unit quiet operations help calm sleeping without any noise in your room.
  • Radiant cooling (Coanda airflow) helps to flow the air in the corner of the room. It does not fall directly on your head it covers the smaller and each part of your room.
  • Inverter friendly Air conditioner so, you can run it easily when there is a power cut out in your area.

    5.  Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-star inverter split AC

No doubt Hitachi gives the quality products to maintain the popularity of the name in the market so If you want a quality product so go for Hitachi models. The listed features of this model are:

  • Lowest noise operation ensures you can take calm sleeping and without disturbance in the room by the noise of a fan of AC.
  • It comes with a speed compressor that adjusts the heat load and energy efficiency is great.
  • Copper condenser coil which is better for more cooling and lower maintenance.
  • It comes in on/off timer technology and has a stabilizer free operation Therefore do no worry to buy extra stabilizer.
  • Refrigerant gas presents so, no ozone depletion potential.
  • 1+1 year of warranty,10 years compressor and 5 years controller warranty so, this is very good.


After considering all the best air conditioners in India, after that, we have selected these brands and their models are the topmost ones. After considering all features and prices you can select the best window and split AC for your home this summer.

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