Best Air Cooler in India – accessories (Basket & cushion) cooler.

Best Air Cooler accessories

Are you in search of your best air cooler accessories for this summer?

If yes, Once read the article before choose the best one for you. Accessories of cooler are the important part while choosing the cooler.

If the accessories are good, it will enhance the life of your cooler and also contribute to its quality part.

So lets we start what points are considered while checking the best air cooler accessories

1. Reusable ice packs

2. Coolers Dividers

3. Cooler Baskets

4. Cooler cushion

These almost points to consider at the time of selecting Best Air Cooler accessories

Let’s talk in describe manner one by one with so many options

1. An ice pack (Best Air Cooler accessories)

air cooler accesssiors alt

It is the most recommend Best Air Cooler accessories according to our point of view while selecting the best air cooler accessories. Ice packs help to increase the cooling of your cooler. At the same point, it is the disadvantage that if we put the ice in an ice tray it melts quickly after sometime little time so we prefer that you choose a good ice pack for your cooler.

The ice packs which is best recommended for your help as below:

  • Engel ice 20 Degree Hardest Shell Ice pack

This Engel ice 20 Degree Hardest Shell Ice pack gets the best result for the cooling part of your cooler. It has a long-lasting duration max of 40 hours. I just want to say you will just enjoy the extreme level of cooling of ice with this pack.

Its size is around a bit larger.

Measure is :

Length 9.375 x width 7.125 x height 1.375” at 2lb

Changing phase of temperature is around at 20F

Certified as 100% BPA Free

Engel ice 20 Degree Hardest Shell Ice pack is used in almost all types of coolers. It is the best one.

  • Yeti Ice Re-Freezable & Reusable ice pack

Yes, it is another the best ice pack for cooler. It gives extreme cooling to your room at a minimum time. It absorbs the heat of your room and throws cooling outside. Ice packs help the cooler to perform its best.

It is in a very good shape design which you like the most. It gives the cooling and not melted up to around 13 hours. Yes, it is non-toxic material, it can’t affect your food. As I compare to other brands of ice packs the price of  Yeti Ice Re-Freezable & Reusable ice pack is very high.

  • Cooler Shock Zero

Cooler Shock Zero is the best as compare to others. It has amazing quality compare to Engel ice 20 Degree Hardest Shell Ice pack, its duration of melting is around 50 hours. Just think you don’t worry to change or refill the pack up to at least 50 hours. Cooler Shock Zero Freeze in 15 minutes. It comes in one year of warranty and the reviews of customers who are using this ice pack are extremely good. You can opt for this ice pack without any doubt in mind. But the main point is its pricing.

While purchasing the Cooler Shock Zero ice pack, increase your budget because the price is very high.

2. Cooler dividers- Top Selections (Best Air Cooler accessories)

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Cooler dividers are the next Best Air Cooler accessories which is helpful for you to put some veggies or fruits in it or to make the division of space for two or more items. It makes your coolers more functional and provides you the extra storage.

  • RTIC Cooler divider

RTIC Cooler divider is the best one to make your cooler more functional. It is very thin, uses less space inside and gives enough space to put vegetables, fruits or any other thing.

It opens from the top which is easy for you to operate or to pull out outside easily when you don’t need it.

  • Yeti Tundra Cooler Divider

Yeti Tundra Cooler Divider is another brand of the cooler divider. It comes in slider form which is easy to remove or adjust according to your needs. Large vertical space allows you to put veggies or another beverage separately from one another. It serves you fine.

  • Engel cooler divider

It is the best space as compare to others. Engel cooler divider fits from smallest to the biggest size of coolers. It comes round opening at the top so you can easily put anything or remove anything easily. It is not large as compare to RTIC so your hands easily move inside it.

Its price is also good as compared to others.

3. Cooler Basket


Cooler Basket alt Text

Cooler Basket is another Best Air Cooler accessories to make the cooler more functional. You can use the basket for many ways like to put the food items or put the thing which requires cooling like medicines. If there is no basket, it led to mix the item with water or ice or float on water. To avoid this you just need a good basket. Some of the Brands give the baskets with the cooler itself, but sometimes you need to purchase it from the market.

  • Pelican Cooler Basket

Pelican Cooler Basket is the most common brand of the cooler basket and has one of the best products in the ice chest world.

It is a dry rack basket that is designed for most of the pelican coolers ranging from 20,30,50/70 quarts 80quarts, 150/250 quarts.

It has a special coating which is resistant to corrosion so don’t worry about this.

  • Yeti Dry Goods Basket

It is another brand of the cooler basket. This basket is custom made and only works on that cooler which has 2 latches embedded in the lid.

It comes in different sizes so just search properly according to your cooler size on site.

  • Igloo Basket

It designs with close metal grids, so items are properly adjusted in it and not fall from the space due to its good grids.

It allows good circulation of air in the content which is put inside it.

100% corrosion resistant due to steel wire fitted in it.

It is cheaper as compared to the above one and comes in many sizes for your ice chests.

4. Cooler Cushions (Best Air Cooler accessories)

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See, Cooler cushion Gives you the luxurious feeling when sitting on the top of the lid of cooler.

Some times you want to sit on the lid of cooler when you are eating or sipping something that time you feel great. This, you have to choose the good quality of cushion which provides you extra comfort with a good calm feeling.

So let’s talk about the brands of cooler cushions:

  • Yeti Seat Cushion

Yeti Seat Cushion is a popular brand of the cooler cushion. It is very good in comfort to make up of soft good thread so you can feel good while sitting on it for long hours. It has Uv Marine vinyl as skin so it reflects all dangerous rays of the sun.

Stainless studs are there snapping cushion in place eradicating the chance of the buffer falling off.

  • Igloo Seat cushion

It is another brand of the cushion. The UV protection shield is attached to protect from the sun itself.

Thick foam is used to make it well. A good price is offered by this brand as compared to others and made up of the material while considering the comfort zone of all.

5. Conclusion

See, if you are trying to purchase a new cooler for your home this summer so, consider these all extra Best Air Cooler accessories for you, it makes extra comfort for you. Researching part is the best before purchasing anything it gives you quality products with extra benefits at a low cost.

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