Best Air Cooler Accessories in India

If you live in India, you’ll know what air coolers are. Air coolers help us survive in the hot summers and provide cool air. However, for an uninterrupted cooling experience, you need to maintain your cooler well.

Best Air Cooler Accessories

For example, if your cooling pads are not in a good condition, you need to replace them. Or if the water pump has stopped functioning, you need a new one. But what accessories are the best accessories for an air cooler? If you want to know, read this article in full. It has deep insights regarding the best air cooler accessories and a buying guide.

1) JBT 2 Symphony Cooler Wheels,

JBT 2' Symphony Cooler Wheels, 19mm Piller Size, Pack of 4 Pcs, Black

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The first accessory is the castor wheels for your cooler. The JBT 2″ Symphony Cooler Wheels is a set of four wheels that’ll support your cooler well. If your cooler’s wheels are not in proper condition, this device is a great choice. It is sturdy and will ensure long usage.

These castor wheels have a pillar size of 19mm and are suited for symphony diet coolers. However, you can check your stand for compatibility with these wheels. The wheels’ size is quite large than the original wheels, which come with a symphony cooler. All in all, it’s a great product which is quite affordable too.


  • Sturdy and durable wheels
  • Easy to move and make your cooler portable


  • Suitable for a small range of air coolers

2) LAZER Spring Submersible Pump

Lazer 18W Spring Submersible Pump for Desert Air Cooler, Aquarium, Fountains 1.6 Metres Lifting (Grey)

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This is a submersible water pump meant for Desert coolers. The LAZER Spring Submersible Pump can help you lift water up to 1.6 meters. This water pump needs a wattage of about 18Watts. Its water output per hour is around 1100 liters. And, it’s suited for large-sized coolers.

This submersible water pump is efficient and is durable too. Not only you can fit it in your air cooler, but your aquarium too. So, it’s a multipurpose air cooler accessory. However, this air cooler pump seems to be irregular in water output and is noisy.


  • This motor is durable and powerful
  • Its an affordable option


  • Very noisy

3) Maxim Air Symphony Air Cooler

Maxim Air Symphony Air Cooler Evaporative Highly Efficient Cooling Pads Suitable for Storm 100 and 70i Models (Set of 3)

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Here are the cooling pads for the evaporative symphony cooler. Specifically suited for Storm 100 and 70i Models, these pads make the cooling very efficient. If your previous cooling pads have not been replaced from the past few seasons, you need this product.

This is a set of three pads made from cellulose meant for good water absorption. These honeycomb pads are durable and can easily say they’re for the seasons to come. Also, these cooling pads are able to reduce energy consumption because they cool the room in less time.  


  • Honeycomb design with better water absorption
  • Deliver an efficient cooling experience.


  • The pads seem to be very delicate and costly

4) Khaitan Aqua-60 Submersible Pump

Khaitan Aqua-60 Submersible Pump 18Watt with a Water Flow Control Valve & 3-Way Water Distributor Suitable for Air Cooler, Fountain, Aquarium & Ganesh Murti Decoration

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This is an accessory combo from Khaitan. It includes a submersible pump along with a valve to control water flow. Also, you can find a three-way distributor, which is quite useful for air coolers. This is quite a generic item that is compatible with common coolers, which are usually about three to four feet high.

The pump is completely submersible and is suitable for aquariums as well. However, you’ll need to buy a PVC pipe, if you don’t have it already. The whole combo is available at an affordable price is quite durable too.


  • Compatible with a huge range of air coolers
  • The accessories are durable and long-lasting


  • The pump may not work efferently at low voltages

5) Elove 40 Watt Water Lifting

ELOVE 40 Watt Submersible Water Pump - 220-240V/50 Hz Cooler Pump for Desert Air Cooler, Aquarium, Fountains

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Here’s a water pump that is specifically suited for small air coolers. It’s a water-lifting pump which runs on 40 watts. So, you can expect this pump to function well even at low voltages. Also, this pump has an amazing lifting height according to the small air coolers.

It’s a heavy-duty pump made from high-quality material. Similar to other submersible water pumps, you can use this for aquariums and water coolers. However, you’ll have to buy a separate pipe if you want to use this pump. Also, no warranty comes along with this pump.


  • Silent in operation and is made from high-quality material
  • It has good water lofting power


  • No warranty comes with this device

6) V Furnish Kohinoor

ANCHARA Wool Grass Air Cooler Pads (Brown, 36x 24 Inches)

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The V Furnish Kohinoor Cooling Pads are the good old wood shaving pads. This item’s dimension is 20*4*23 centimeters. So, you can easily match this with your existing cooler and determine whether it’s compatible or no. However, this will fit most air coolers and will stay there for long.

This is a set of three cooling pads which are very economical and easy to use. You just need to fit It on your cooler’s pad holder and pin it with something. Once it’s done, you can fill the tank. Make sure that the pads are in a position that they wet properly. Once it’s done, you can enjoy the cooling.


  • Its an economical and effective solution
  • It’s very easy to handle and install


  • It may not be too durable

7) HAVAI Electric Three Speed

HAVAI Electric Three Speed Motor for USHA Tornado/Tornado ZX Tower Cooler 110 Dia Clockwise

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Here’s an air cooler fan motor from HAVAI. It rotates in an anticlockwise direction. Also, it’s fit to use for various coolers from USHA and Crompton. However, you can always check the compatibility of the seller. This motor is required if the existing cooler’s speed is quite low or is dead altogether.

Also, this motor has three-speed settings and is quite durable too. You don’t need to worry as it’s quite easy to install. However, a technician will do the job well. It’s a heavy-duty motor suited for air coolers and weighs somewhere around 2.7 kilograms.


  • Heavy-duty motor with three-speed settings
  • Easy to maintain and install.


  • It’s suited for a limited range of air coolers

Buying Guide 

Here’s some information which you may find useful while you’re looking for accessories for your air cooler: –

1- Prefer Products with Warranty 

This quite an obvious factor people tend to ignore. However, it helps a lot. Most air cooler products, including side or back pads or knobs, do not come with a warranty. It’s because such products are cheaply available. And, if you think of the fan motor, it’s quite expensive. It’s anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs.1500. So, make sure whenever you’re buying a fan motor or even a cooler, look for a warranty.

2- Check for Reviews and Ratings

Sometimes, when you buy something online, the pictures tell a different story. And you can get something different than what you ordered. So, to save yourself from that hassle, check for reviews and ratings for the accessory you want to buy. The reviews will help you determine how buyers like the accessories.

3- Look for Product Specific Accessories 

Now, this is an important pointer to keep in mind. Not all accessories are suited for all coolers. Every model has different dimensions, designs, and power settings. So, whenever you’re buying accessories, make sure that it’s compatible with your air cooler.

4- Go for Honeycomb Pads

Honeycomb pads are meant to absorb maximum water. And, it helps in delivering cooler air faster and effectively. Other kinds of pads usually wither off too quickly or are no good at absorbing water. So, if you want effective and efficient cooling, you must go for honeycomb pads.

5- Look for specifics in an air cooler pump.

Sometimes, the water lifting power of a pump is not good enough for your cooler. And this may lead to a short circuit or overload. So, check your air cooler’s length and match it with your air cooler’s lifting power. If the lifting height is good enough, you should only then buy an air cooler pump. You should consider the wattage of the pump you’re buying. Some pumps are needed 9 Watts while some need 18.

Also, ensure that the water pump is fully submersible and shockproof. Otherwise, your pump will not function the way you want. So, make sure that you check these things before you buy an air cooler water pump.

6- Look for Good Quality, Not Price

When you search for air cooler accessories, you’ll find numerous items that get the job done at a low price. Now, in some cases, it’s true but not in all. You should look for the products which are strongly build and are meant to last for long. You should ensure the material is high grade and is suited well for air coolers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will all water pumps work with my cooler?

No, this is not true. Its size and its model determine the motor that will work best with your cooler. If your cooler is pretty large, which is more than three or four feet, a pump with 18Watt will suit you. And if you have a pretty small cooler, you can go for a pump with less wattage. 

The height matters because if your pump’s water-lifting power is not enough, the water won’t reach your pads. And, this will keep them dry. And, you’ll never want that, right?

When do I need new cooling pads? 

This depends on the present condition of your cooling pads. If your cooling pads are worn out or cannot experience cool air, you should go for a new cooling pad. You can go for pads made from wood shaving or a honeycomb pad, depending on what model of cooler you use.

When do I need a new fan motor?

Fan motors usually serve for many years. However, if you feel that the fan is spinning significantly slow or has stopped altogether, you may need a new motor. Although it’s not necessarily true that the problem is with the motor, it’s a high probability. You can always ask your technician for professional advice. 

How do I know whether I need a motor replacement or repairs?

This, you can confirm from your technician. If you’ve recently bought a new cooler and it has stopped working, chances are there is some minor problem. If you’ve been using the air cooler for quite a while, you may need a replacement. However, asking a technician is the best decision.  

Can I replace my cooler wheels?

Yes, you can. Usually, when a single wheel is missing, you need a single replacement. However, if all wheels’ condition is not up to the mark, you need a full replacement. The castor wheels are easily available. But this accessory is very specific. Not all wheels will fit your cooler. You need to check for your cooler’s model and find compatible wheels for the same.   

Can I buy a stand for my cooler?

Not all coolers are modern which come with an attached stand. But you can always buy a separate stand for your cooler. It will help you easily move your cooler from one place to another without much problem. But make sure that you choose the stand which fits your cooler right. 

Should I look for branded accessories?

Yes, you should. Branded accessories are always more reliable than what comes from generic manufacturers. Sometimes, the products or parts compatible with your air cooler are only available with the company. And in such cases, you must never prefer other manufacturers.

Another benefit of purchasing accessories from good companies is product quality and warranty. Although all products do not come under warranty, you’re more likely to get a warranty if you buy from a branded manufacturer.  


Air cooler accessories are quite easy to find. However, it’s only the best accessories that work the best and get the job done. You can scroll through our list of the best common air cooler accessories. If you somehow face difficulty looking for the best accessory, kindly refer to our accessory buying guide.

We hope the above insights were useful and helped you to derive a solution. And, if it did, make sure to share this information with your peers. Also, do not forget to come back for similar information.   

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