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Hello friends, I am representing the article on the Best Air Cooler faqs which arises in your mind while selecting the best cooler for your beautiful home this summer.

Some Best Air Cooler faqs in India are :

Confusion about the brand, price, a quality so read that:

  • Which brand is good in air coolers?

There is a lot of brands of air cooler. You can easily opt for that brand which already used by you in your past. If you are a new user you can choose the brand from the option after reading our (best coolers in India )article on our site. It helps you a lot.

  • Which body is good plastic or iron?

The plastic body is more appropriate than the iron one. The iron body is not shockproof and suitable for long term use because iron will start rushing after some time.

See this is the most arising Best Air Cooler faqs of our minds that what we select between both. An air conditioner is a good option but if one can’t afford air condition so you can go for air coolers.

  • Which is cost-effective?

Air conditioners are more expensive then air coolers, if you can’t afford to go for air coolers. Good brands of coolers come under between 5000-10000.

  • Fan air cooler or blower air cooler which one is better?

Both are equally important, In the humid season you can use fan cooler and in another season blower, one is widely used.

  • Do coolers give bad smell?

Sometimes, it gives bad smell due to the presence of bad water and insects in if you clean the cooler frequently it does not give that bad smell.

Indian weather conditions

  • Is Desert cooler or normal cooler best?

Dessert coolers are more preferable but nowadays the plastic body coolers also have such features now which provide much cooling than dessert coolers. Dessert coolers don’t have special features like ice tray, electric proof, durability, plastic body, designs, etc.

  •  How do coolers works?

Coolers have coolings pads so through which the warm air passes through these pads which already wet by cool water inside the tank and throw the cool air by converting the warm air in the cool on. Cooler throw warm air outside the room and cool air inside.

  •  Which one is a better fan or cooler?

See normally in a humid state the fan Is more preferable than the cooler but the fan is providing only the air which is not cool, it gives the air accordingly to the temperature of inside and outside. On the other hand, the cooler gives you the cool air due to the water inside the tank, it’s generally an evaporated process.

So cooler is the good option for getting cool air.

Cooler performance-related questions

  • How to enhance the functioning or performance of coolers?

There are many ways to increase the performance of your cooler:

  1. To put the cooler at the place where there is proper cross ventilation.
  2. Coolers work on the evaporated process so there must be a window in a room so your cooler easily throws the warm air outside and throw cool air inside, windows and doors help the coolers to operate their process effectively and efficiently.
  3. You must check the humid level of a room
  4. Put the ice in your cooler so it gives you more cooling.

  • Is air coolers consume huge electricity?

No, air coolers do consume more electricity as compared to air conditioners. But if you live in a state or country where the electricity is of high cost so it matters. Normal coolers consume max up to 300 watts of power. But now a day’s good coolers come in the market which consumes up to only 190 watts.

  • Does air coolers save energy or not?

Yes, no doubt air coolers save energy very much compare to air conditioners. If I say for the energy-consuming part, an air conditioner led to the increment of your electricity bill up to 70%. It means if your electricity bill is 1000 per month then after running the air conditioner in your space, it will be around 2500 and in an air cooler, it is just increased up to 1000 to 1200 only.

Pads, body, design-related questions

  • Which one is better cooler fiber or steel?

Steel is the better one for the cooling point of view but if we talk about the maintenance of steel body cooler, so it requires a lot of care. On the other hand, the fiber body coolers have small pad and benefits of fiber body coolers that they put inside the room but if we talk about the cooling part so cooling is less as compared to the steel body.

  • Where I put my room cooler?

The most important thing which Is to be considered is the placement of cooler in your area. The best place for putting your cooler is there where is plenty of fresh air passes, there must be windows and open doors. This placement gives you enough cooling in your room.

  • Do cooler give bad smell?

Yes, sometimes in rainy season coolers gives the bad smell due to humid or moisture in the air. Sometimes cooler smell due to Non-cleanliness of water in the tank.

Cooler accessories

  • Do cooler accessories are an important one?
    Yes, to attain the luxury benefits of coolers you must need basket, dividers, ice
    packs, cushion.

  • Do cooler accessories come in a warranty?
    Yes, branded cooler accessories come in one year of the warranty period. But if you
    will purchase the local products so it may be or rarely comes in warranty.

  • Cooler air is good for children or not?
    Yes, doctors prefer coolers as compare to air conditioners. Cooler passes naturally
    air by evaporated process .it does not affect on child or adult’s health compare to
    air conditioners.

Yes, we prefer branded cooler

  • Is it necessary to purchase the branded cooler always?

As they are providing a warranty with quality .so you
must purchase the cooler for your room from trusted brands.

  • Do coolers come in different shapes?
    Yes, coolers come in different shapes and a different comes in both plastic
    and an iron body with so many color options.
  • Does cooler is good or fan is good?
    If we compare cooler with a fan so it depends on the season if the place is humid so
    the fan is more preferable than the cooler because cooler gives moist air and the fan
    gives dry air.
  • Is Bajaj is a good brand of cooler?
    Yes, Bajaj is the oldest brand of cooler. It gives off a lot of range and design of cooler.
    The pricing part is also very good with quality.
  • Is the ice tray is a more usable or important feature? No, it does not use much because ice melts with an hour or less than one hour. so it does not cool the room for a longer period.
  • Does air coolers come in warranty for and how much longer period? Yes, branded coolers come in 1 year of the warranty period and good brand air coolers run for many years without any such damage.


So, Friends after this I finally say that your queries must be clear regarding the best cooler after reading these Best Air Cooler faqs. Now choose the best air cooler for this summer to make your life cool and fit.

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