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Hey! Are you feeling warmer this summer, So, I Have a  cheapest and healthier options for you. And at last, You will get the Best Air Cooler in India for your beautiful home, after reading this article.

About Best Air Cooler in India

First, the most important thing to know that the best air cooler is the most cost-effective machine compared to air conditioners. The air cooler gives fresh and cool air. It has blown hot air outside through its pad which is soaked by water. It doesn’t contain any type of gases which are harmful to our body & enhance air pollution like in air conditioners.


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2. Crompton-Greaves
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3. Symphony-Siesta










Doctor’s preferences about the best air cooler

Now a day’s doctors prefer air coolers because it contains moist air which is good for health for our body parts. Now a days, Due to covid-19 in India it is preferring by many doctors. Because the air quality is not so dry air. Air coolers are eco-friendly and they give fresh clean air.

The disease’s in the human body like asthma, arthritis, cancer and so on is a result, due to the excess use of air conditioner. Because it has blown the moist the air outside with the help of gases and make the room cool by converting the warm air in dry, cool air so it’s harmful to our bodies.

Best Air cooler is a very appropriate method of getting fresh and cool air.

But the problem is that which type of cooler is best and cheapest in rates. So now i am talking about the qualities first. The most important thing are:

If you are in the mood to buy the best air cooler this season so these question arises that

Which is the Best Air Cooler in India?

Where to buy best affordable cooler?

What are the good features of coolers?

So, go for the below suggestions

The points to be considered while buying the Best Air Cooler in India is as below:

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Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India (January) 2020

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone


Crompton is one of the best brands in India that makes many home appliances at effective prices with various types of offers.

The features in Crompton Greeves ozone are as below:

  • Huge 75-liter water tank so one can only fill the water tank at once for a week. So, you will not to worry about to fill the empty tank in a single day.
  • Swing adjustment availability is an important area of consideration while buying the best air cooler. Swing feature help you to move the direction of air anywhere in the room.

So, don’t worry friends,

Crompton provides the same features to you in your budget. You can manually adjust the swing and control the speed knob with a 3-speed setting and having a water level indicator also.

  • Air delivery in 550sq ft is adequate for one room size. So, it has present the same feature in it. The proper area covered in one room for cooling and even in less power consumption only 190 watts.

Crompton Greeves ozone


I already have a Crompton Greeves ozone cooler and I like so much I never feel that I don’t have an air conditioner because it feels like an air conditioner.

Good room size

My room area is about 350sq/ft and it gives enough fresh air to cool my room. Even on a low setting it gives an awesome air, so imagine if I put my setting on high so it will chill the room.

  • Secondly, I just fill the tanker once so, that it continually runs for a week but I am conscious about cleaning due to mosquitos in it so, I change the water in 2-3 days.
  • It is your Choice to fill the ice cubes in a cube tray so it makes cooling more in the air cooler.
  • Another best thing is it has wheels so I can able to move the air cooler from one to another room.



  • See what I don’t like in it is that it takes 7-8 buckets of water at once because the tanker is so big and it also takes a lot of time to be filled. The remaining water which is filled previously is totally wasted when I change the water in 2-3 days so, it’s the drawback in my point of view.

The second one is, it is so big so you will feel irritating sometime to move the cooler from one room to another and in a small area, it doesn’t fit over there.

  • And the last one is the noise, it creates a lot of noise which disturbs the mind and we do not  feel calm and silence in our room.

2. Symphony Siesta

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Symphony Siesta is another good brand in India for water coolers. There has a lot of models launced by symphony but it is one of the best model in air coolers as compared to others and also worth money.

So let’s talk about the features of Symphony Siesta

  •  One of the most attractive features is 70 liters of tank capacity. So, you do not to worry to fill the tank in a couple of yours. It works around for a day.
  • 16-inch fan with motorized louvers. It has air grills that provide the cool air to the corners of your room. so, wou do not feel humid in the corners.
  • 160 watts motor which covers around the area from 380 sqft.
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty.


Symphony Siesta


Awesome Power usage and design
  • The one main feature which I like is the design and the water tank capacity so you do not worry about to fill the tank frequently.
  • The second one is voltage, it has 160 watts motor so, consume less electricity as compared to other models. Thus, you can opt easily if you want to turn ON the cooler for your full day.


  • The price is excessively high according to the model and design and compares to other brands of the same tanker capacity (75 liters).
  • The best air cooler has small in their size so it passes the air to your lower body parts if you want the air or cooling to your face it doesn’t the same. It’s not the better option for big room size.
  • Missing ice tray, the symphony doesn’t provide the ice tray in this model which is one of the most important features in coolers brand. So, you have filled the ice in its tanker so it is chill the room bypasses the cold water to its pump.

3. Maharaja White Line Blow wind desert cooler

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Maharaja Whiteline is one of the oldest brands of mixer grinders and air coolers. so, it’s a trusted brand. so, you can opt for this brand without any doubt in your mind.

Talk about the features of Maharaja Whiteline blow wind:

  • Cooler is in boxed shape which quite in good looking. It has 65 liters of the tanker.
  • It delivers the air up to 3500m3/hr. Air passes up to 35 feet which is quite good for small rooms and 3-4 people in one room.
  • Swing and speed modes are one best feature so, you easily control the speeds and swing with its knob.
  • The moisture control switch is also available so, you can easily off or on the moist control switch according to your requirements.
  • Power consumption is 200 watts which quite well.
  • Motor RPM is 1350. So, we can say a heavy motor attached to it.
  • The ice tray is available so you can enjoy ice-cooling too.
  • The pads are of high quality i.e. of honeycomb pads. It’s more durable.


 Maharaja Whiteline


Large Tank capacity with small in size
  • It’s a blower design model having 4-way air deflection which is easily manually controllable.
  • It comes in 1 year of the warranty period
  • Having mosquito covering net in all three sides of wood wool pads so it is safe. And also prevent electric shocks while filling the tanker.
  • It is in small size but passes air very greatly.
  • Large water tanker which fills around 65 liters of water at one time.
  • Inverter friendly.


  • It is in short height so, the air which is passing in a room is only in the lower part of room height. You can not enjoy the cooling in your whole room. Due to short in height you will have to purchase a stand to put the cooler on that. So, its extra bucks you have to spend on it.
  • Consumes high power voltage up to 200 watts so, It increases your electricity bill if you will have to run the cooler for the whole day.

4. Kenstar Cyclone – 12

alt 3

Kenstar Cyclone is the next popular brands of coolers. It has a good design and having exclusive features compared to other brands available only slight high price which Is worth able.

So, let’s talk about the features of this model

  • 50 liters of tank capacity which is good enough for 2-3 days so you don’t have to worry about filling the tank frequently.
  • The large fan design is one of the great features.it covers the large area to passes the air.
  • Two models available in this
    • Remote control and Without remote control

The difference is you can use the remote feature in the remote control model. so, you can easily on or off the cooler from your bed without any interruption at night. You can feel like an air conditioner while sleeping.

And the price of the remote-control feature is only 1000 bucks more than the without remote control one. So, it’s not a huge difference in their prices.

  • 3 knobs with less power usage
    •  Three controllable knobs
      • a) speed
      • b) swing
      • c) moisture control
  •  Very less power usage. It is only 190watts power usage in this model.


Kenstar Cyclone


Remote control with honeycomb pads
  • First, the most extraordinary feature which almost like by all today’s generation that’s the remote-control feature. So, you don’t get out of your bed while sleeping to turn on or off the cooler.
  • And if I talk about the price so there is not a big difference in both of them (remote control and no remote control). so, if want to choose from both of them I prefer the remote one.
  • The second one is mosquito net and dust filter is present in this model so there is no chance of small insects around or in the water tank. Also It do not require cleaning the water frequently.
  • The third is honeycomb pads are fitted in this model which is very good as compared to the wood wool pads.
  • Honeycomb does not require much maintenance.
  • The fourth feature is also the good one that the stand is available with the cooler in its same package so you don’t have to spend extra bucks for it.
  • The fifth one is the ice tray. It gives you an ice tray so you can keep the ice in the cake to increase the cooling in your room.
  • See the most efficient and effective cooler from all of the above brands is Kenstar Cyclone -12 according to me.


  • The price is slightly high as compared to others.
  • The water indicator switch is in black of color so it is difficult to see the point that the water is filled up to the mark or not. You have to carry the torch while seeing the point.
  • It creates a lot of noise so you cannot sleep calmly.

5. Kenstar Double Cool Dx

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So, let’s talk about another brand that is KENSTAR DOUBLE COOL DX. It is another model of cooler of Kenstar having very good features in it. This double cool air cooler is made of corrosion-free, thermally re-engineered solid plastic body in a good look.

Talk about the features of KENSTAR DOUBLE COOL DX

  • It provides 2 controllable knobs so you control easily.

The size dimension of the model is 650mm x 530mm x 550 mm.

  • Its power usage is up to 200 watts so it’s very good as compare to the maharaja white line arrow which provides the same features but in 220 watts power usage so it is better to opt this one.
  • It has 50 liters of tanker capacity well it is sufficient capacity.
  • Comes in one year of warranty
  • 3-way water inlet so you can fill the water into the tank from back and both right and left side so it is a comfortable feature from all.
  • Horizontal and vertical motorized louver movement to supply so it gives cool air to the room.
  • Mosquito nets are attached in it so it prevents the entry of any small insects and dust also.
  • As if I compare the Kenstar double cool Dx model with MAHARAJA WHITELINE ARROW and KENSTAR AUSTER XW model so it is a very better option to choose other than that one.


Kenstar double cool Dx mode


Good airflow
  • The first most attractive feature is that it provides the 3-way inlet of water in it. so, you can easily fill the water from your choice of the point.
  • The tanker capacity (50 liters) is also very good which is sufficient to run the cooler for a week. So, you do not worry to fill the tank more frequently.
  • Good airflow as it provides the 1400 m3/hr. speed of air so it covers the huge area of big size room.
  • The mosquito net is attached in this cooler so don’t worry about the dust and small insects to enter into the cooler which is the important feature of nowadays due to various types of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.


  • The ice tray is missing in this model which is quite well while for getting cool air.
  • Small in height so, it does not supply the air to the upper part of your room. You will have to buy the stand with your extra bucks which are the bad point of it. As a result we can say the stand is not included in the package.
  • Wood wool fiber pads are fitted in this cooler. It requires a lot of maintenance more frequently so you will spend the bucks on pads within two months.

6. Bajaj Platini px97 Torque

best air cooler 6 ALT

alt 5

Bajaj is also a good and oldest brand of electronics.

this Cooler has amazing design and quality. It has a 3way cooling, fan design

which has covered a large area, power usage of 100 watts.

so, let talk about the Features of Bajaj Platini px97 Torque

  • 2 knobs one is for controlling the speed up to 3 levels and the other one for swing control.
  • plastic wheels so you can easily move the cooler from one to another room.
  •  36 liters capacity of its water tank. so, you can feel free and use the water for a few days.
  •  inverter friendly so you can use the cooler at the time of cut off of electricity in your area.
  • 3 honeycomb cooling pad which very good as compare to wood wool pads.
  •  4-way air deflection with horizontal manual and vertical motorized louver movement which gives cooling to the entire room
  • comes in 1 year of warranty.

Bajaj Platini px97 Torque


Cheaper in price with good airflow

  •  The first most important part which I like its price because its price is very less as compared to other brands which has the same features. so, it a budget-friendly.
  • 100 watts power usage is very good so you do not worry about your electricity bills.
  • Airflow is up to 30 feet which is quite enough for big room size.


  • Ice tray is the missing part in it because of that you have to fill the ice in a water tank which not good enough.
  • The second thing which I don’t like is its tanker capacity 36 liters if you use the cooler for 12 hrs in a day, then You have to fill up tank very frequently..

7. Crompton Mystique Dlx

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alt 6

Crompton mystique is a big cooler with an effective price and good quality.

the large water tank 34 liters, honeycomb pads, caster wheels, at the same price as Balaji Platini.

so, it is also a competitive cooler.

Its features are

  • Large fan design and big cooler design throw air up to 36 feet and covered the big part of the area of the room
  • 34 liters of a tank which is quite sufficient for a few days.
  • 130 watts of power usage which is just a bit high than a ceiling fan.
  • It has an inverter friendly.
  • 4-way air deflection with horizontal manual and vertical motorized louver movement which gives cooling to the entire room.


See what I like the most in it is its price in good features

  • It provides a huge water tank of 34 liters so you do not need to fill the tank so frequently.
  • Honeycomb cooling pad which is very good and not damaged easily as compared to another local pad.
  • 2 knobs speed and swing control so you can adjust the louvers according to your need.
  • It is inverter friendly too.


  • It has not very attractive design because the material which is used in it it’s not so good. Sometimes the quality more matters than the price. so, at this price, I think it is not good option to pick.
  • Water tank capacity is very less and the ice tray is also not attached in it. so, you have to consider these negative points while purchasing this one.

8. Symphony Kaizen

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alt 7

Symphony kaizen is a very small-sized cooler but comes in a water tank capacity of 41 liters which is very good.

but its small size helps you to keep the cooler easily anywhere in your area.

so, let us talk about the features first.

  • The large tank is one of the best features so, you do not worry to fill the water within a day.
  • Large cooling pads that provide you the cooling at its best in your room.
  • Horizontal manual and vertical motorized louver movement which gives cooling to the entire room.
  • Cover up to 30 feet of area of cooling with 95 watts of power supply only
  • The mosquito net is attached in it so don’t worry about dust and entry of insects in it.
  • 2 controllable knobs of swing and speed knob.
  • It comes in 1 year of warranty.

Symphony kaizen


Good power usage
  • I like the speed of blowing the air, it cools the entire room and good enough for 3-4 people in a room.
  • The price is very effective as it comes under between 4500-5000 depends on offers also so, you have all features in very less costing.
  • Power usage is very good so you can run the cooler for full without taking tension of electricity bill.


  • It has bad noise like grrrr like in an old cooler. so, you can’t sleep well and calmly at the time of running time of it.
  • The ice tray is missing one in it so can’t take the benefit of ice cooling.
  • The last one is the stand is not included in the package and while you fill the water into the tank you have faced the problem of leaking of water drops sometimes. So, it creates a mess and unclean area.

9. Orient Electric Smart Cool Dx

air cooler 9 alt

alt 8

Orient has offered already many electronics gadgets so it is also a very popular brand.

The cooler comes in a dual colored design and easily blend in any house.

Let’s talk about features:

  • 4 ways air deflection of 360 degrees along with horizontal manual and vertical motorized louver movement which give cooling and cooling area up to 150 sqft.
  • Control setting available, high, medium, low
  • Throw air up to 25 feet which are quite good and enough for big room size.
  • Honeycomb cooling pad which very good which is not damaged easily as compared to another local pad.
  • Remote control available so you do not need to get out to on or off the cooler so you can sit easily after running it with remote.
  • One year of warranty by the company.

Orient Electric Smart Cool Dx


Honeycomb pads in less price

The price of this cooler is very low as compare to symphony kaizen which not providing as many good features compare to it.

So, without any doubt, you can opt for this one.

  • The feature which I like the most is remote control. So, you have a tension-free at night while sleeping to stand out and off the cooler, other than you can use remote easily.
  • The price is very low with these features and quality.
  • The water indicator is so big so you can easily see the tank level.
  • Honeycomb pads give more cooling with long durability.
  • Its has also a hole of overflow and fragrance chamber so you get the fresh and clean air every time.
  • Caster wheels helps in moving the cooler anywhere very easily
  • Mosquito net covering keeps the insects away from cooler.



  • The main negative point is that the tanker capacity is only up to 20 liters’s so, which is only sufficient for a day only. You will have to fill the water every day if you have run the cooler for 12 hrs.
  • The stand has not provided by orient so you have to spend extra money to buy a stand for it.
  • It throws the air up to 20 feet only which quite good for an only a single person in a room.
  • If you have a big size room so it’s not the better cooler to opt.

10. Symphony Ice Cube

best air cooler 10 alt

alt 9

Symphony Ice cube is a big sized water cooler with 27 water liter tanks and in only 105 power usage at an effective price between 5000-6500 which very good for maintaining the budget and quality itself.

So, let’s talk about the features

  • The first feature is the big tanker up to 27 liters of water. You can fill the water and sit for 2-3 days without any tension to refill the tank.
  • The airflow is covered the larger area up to 165 sq. feet .so enough for the big room also.
  • The motor is used only 105 watts of power supply which same as a ceiling fan so it does not increase your electricity bill even you the cooler for a full day.
  • Honeycomb cooling pad which very good as compare to wood wool pads, honeycomb pads give more cooling with long durability.
  • Horizontal manual and vertical motorized louver movement which give cooling throughout the room
  • Smell filter is also available so you get the fresh and clean air every time.
  • The cooler has 1 year of warranty.

 Symphony Ice cube


  • The best thing is the price because it comes under the rupee 6500 so if you want to choose the cooler in this budget so go for it or compare it with Balaji Platini air cooler which has the same features almost.
  • The wheels are very strong made of very fine quality so you can move it easily.
  • 3 side highly efficient cooling pads, honeycomb cooling pad which very good as compare to wood wool pads
  • Less power usage of only 105 watts, not to worry about the electricity bill.
  • Automatic vertical swings so you can adjust the air according to your requirements.


  • The worst feature is only water tank capacity which very small so you have required to refill the water in one to two days.
  • Missing ice tray which is a very important part nowadays.so you can’t enjoy the chill cooling.

    Youtube link: https://youtu.be/CT2PlOhhQqw

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