Best Desert & room Air cooler in India 2020- Reviews & Buyers Guide

About  Desert & Room Air Cooler in India 2020- Reviews & Buyers Guide

Most of the Best Desert & room Air cooler brands available in the market today. In which the most common cooler is the desert cooler.

Cooler passed the hot air outside and thrown the cool air inside with the help of water. Water helps to takes the heat outside of the area. due to the transfer of heat from inside to outside the room temperature decrees and make the environment cools. This continue approach makes the room cooler and pleasant for the summer season.

Cooling pads help to thrown the hot air outside with the help of a fan and evaporates the water inside the pads. the pump is used to bring the water on the top of these cooling pads. It simply passes the natural cooling air through the evaporated technique.

Types of Best air coolers

There are two kinds of coolers Desert & room Air cooler

  • Desert coolers

Cooler types desert cooler alt text

  • Room coolers

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  • Desert cooler

The desert coolers are the popular ones and give the cooling in a very effective manner.

It usually fitted outside the room so it can Throw the hot air outside and cool air inside.

It requires more space than the room coolers and comes in a limited design and iron material body which damages so frequently or need extra bucks to maintain it.

You cannot move the desert cooler from one room to another one. It is usually effective for the room size around 550 sq ft.


  • Room cooler

Room cooler comes in various types of attractive designs and a plastic body. But at the same time, if compare the cooling part between the desert and room so, the cooling of the desert is the best one. It only covers the area up to 200sq ft.

You enjoy the attractive benefits of room coolers such as:

  • Remote control
  • Designs according to your room interiors
  • Wheels
  • Knobs
  • Ice tray
  • Indicators
  • Movability from one room to another easily
  • The difference between Desert & room Air cooler is that room cooler is preferable at the humid places and the desert one is for dry humid places. The second one is room kept inside the room and does not require much space but the desert is fitted outside the room and requires huge space.
  • Talk about the pricing part the desert is costlier than room one. So we can say from Best Desert & room Air cooler , Desert are the cheaper one.

Let’s talk about the important points while considering at the time of purchasing an air cooler:

  • Power usage
  • Cooling pads
  • Cooler size
  • Remote control
  • Water level indicator
  • Ice tray
  • Adjustable speed knobs, Swing control
  • Timer
  • Water level controller
  • Electric motor
  • Price

  • Power usage

Power usage is the most important part of consideration while selecting a cooler to save electricity bills. A power rating between 130-250 w is the most appropriate selection. less than 130 w of power does not give the cooling properly or throw warm air. And if we talk about the high power watts cooler around greater than 250 w is ensure giving the coolest at the highest level but at the same time, it consumes more electricity so it is also not the power saver option.

So, at the conclusion, it is suggested to you to choose the cooler between the 130 w to 250 w for efficient point of view.

  • Cooling pads

Cooling pads help to thrown the hot air outside with the help of a fan and evaporates the water inside the pads.

Nowadays the honeycomb cooling pads are used in most of the cooler to maximize the cooling and for durability point of view as well.

The points which are considered while checking the cooling pads are:

Honeycomb or wood wool pads. As honeycomb is the good one as compares to wool wood pads.

The thickness of the pads. 900mm thickness is required for good cooling pads to throw cool air.

  • Cooler size

See air coolers come in various sizes but the main point is that what is the best size that fits in our room.

It rated by air delivery or the cubic meter per minute of air (CFM) that they blow out in the room. The formula we mention its easy to find the best size for your room

Multiply the area of the room in square feet with the ceiling height and divide that number by two. This will give you the CFM of the airflow needed. (room size in sq. ft x ceiling height/2=cfm of airflow)


For example

It the is of 1000sq and ceiling height is 10ft, then 1000×10/2=5000cfm it means you will have required a cooler which flows the air above 5000 CFM.

  • Remote control

Nowadays every electronic item is operated by remote control so now cooler is also available in this type of facility. You can use the benefit of remote as you use in most electronic items.

  • Water level indicator

Sometimes after every 5-6 hours, you need to check in the tank that the water is in the tank or empty so water level indicator helps you to check the level easily without opening the tank door. So, you must check this indicator is available in the cooler or not while making purchasing.

  • Ice tray

For the cooling like ice, the ice tray is an important part to be considered. Ice tray allows you to place the ice in an ice tray so you get the ice cooling in your room for some hours.

  • Speed knobs and swing control knobs

You must check the speed knobs of cooler while making a purchase.it gives you the knobs to adjust the cooling temperature or fan speed low to high or high to low. so speed knobs are must in cooler .and the second knob you must check is the swing one, so you move the knobs of swing in your direction of sitting easily.

  • Timer

Nowadays coolers allow the timer option for you so you set the time at night so automatically cooler switch off when you want. This is also a very helpful option as you do not have to worry to disturb your sleep due to switching off the cooler at midnight.

  • Water level controller

With this option, it prevents flooding in the cooler or outside the cooler due to the excess filling of water or the flow of water in the pipe. The automatic controller helps you to prevent water from the connection to flow into the cooler tanks itself.

  • Electric motor

The good motor makes the operation of cooler is effective and efficient. Some brand uses the poor quality of motor which is overheating during the time of excessive running of the cooler, it will damage and you must spend extra money to fit the new motor in your cooler. The excessive heat makes the copper windings of motor melts and damage so, without motor your is cooler is useless.

  • Price

It is the most and most important part of the consideration as it is the matter of your budget. so, check our list mention in our site helps you to choose the best in your budget. see I am giving best brands names under the good pricing option for you check this:


Best Brands and best pricing with quality of Air Coolers in India in 2020

A & D alt


  • Advantages of Best Desert & Room Air Cooler 

Efficient and cost-effective as compared to air conditioner because you will have to spend at least above 25000 bucks for a good air conditioner and if we talk about air cooler you have to spend the bucks under 10000 and you will get good air cooler of good brands.

The power consumption usage is very less in coolers so you feel free to use coolers for your whole day. Because it does not increase much electricity bill as compared to air conditioners.

Portability facility available, as in air conditioner it is fixed to use the cooling of it in the room where it is fixed but in air coolers, it is portable to move the cooler from one room to another is not fixed.

More advisable by doctors as compared to air conditioner because air condition make stiffness in your body and having a lot of negative impacts on human health but on the other side air coolers do not have any such impact on the human health.

  • DisadvantagesBest Desert & Room Air Cooler

It is not the better option to cool the room in humid weather as it creates extra humidity in that weather. And also, not having the temperature set option which is available in air conditions. So you will have to compromise with that.

It creates a lot of noise in the room. So, if you want a peaceful and calm environment for sleep so air cooler is not preferable. It creates a lot of sounds so you can’t able to sit full day in front of the air cooler because it was irritable to your ears.

The maintenance requirement is more in coolers. You will have to require frequent cleaning of tankers and pads. Change of pads requires extra bucks of yours to spend. If air coolers do not have mosquito nets so you will have to clean the water more frequent basis.

The height also matters if the size is smaller so it can’t cover the upper portion of your room and give less air to that part. so you will have to purchase the bigger one but it covers the big portion of your room and can’t able to move easily from one to another place.

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