Best Symphony Air Coolers in India

Symphony is the leading company when it comes to Air Cooler in India. Surviving the summers here in India is quite a task. Most places in India experience extremely hot summers with scorching heat. Where Air conditioner can be a great solution to counter the heat, it’s not meant for all. Then what’s the solution? Well, the solution is not only a great alternative but it is also more economical. Yes, we’re talking about air coolers and that too from Symphony.

Best Symphony Air Coolers

This post contains some of the best air coolers from Symphony that will help you fight with the hot summers. If you’re unable to choose your perfect model from the list, please refer to our buying guide below.

1) Symphony Storm 70 XL

Symphony Tower Cooler - 70 L, White

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Symphony Storm 70 XL is an amazing air cooler with a 70-liter tank. This is suited for rooms of up to 127 cubic meters. The device consumes less power and delivers cool air all day long. However, you should keep the windows open for cross ventilation.

It comes with a cool wind dispenser that distributes the water evenly and delivers better cooling. This cooler has a pretty powerful fan which cools the entire room quickly and silently. This cooler is easy to move as it has wheels at the bottom. Also, you can use it outdoors.  


  • Powerful fan with low energy consumption
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects


  • The material of this cooler is not durable  

2) Symphony Jumbo 65 DB

Symphony Jumbo 65 DB Desert Air Cooler for Home with Aspen Pads, Powerful Double Blower, Cool Flow Dispenser and Free Trolley (61L, Grey)

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Here’s another cooler with low energy consumption. The Symphony Jumbo comes with a 61-liter water capacity and a movable trolley. This cooler is suited for relatively smaller rooms with 92 cubic teres capacity. Cooling pads it comes with are highly effective and it also have a pretty large pad area.

The cool flow dispenser and closable louver deliver cool air evenly within the room. It has a strong fan with auto louver movement. So, you can expect quick cooling. Also, the symphony Jumbo is easy to control because of its dial knob control panel. You’ll get a 1-year warranty with this cooler against any manufacturing defects.


  • Powerful double blower for quick cooling
  • Low power consumption


  • This product is suited for small rooms.

3) Symphony Cloud Wall-Mounted

Symphony Personal Cooler - 15L, White

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 If you need an exceptional cooler, Symphony Cloud is a great choice to make. The Symphony Cloud is a wall-mounted cooler which has a 15-liter capacity. The water storage capacity is expandable, and the cooler rings alarm when it is full. Although it’s suited for rooms of up to 57 cubic meters in size, it’s quite aesthetic. It comes with a remote-control device and 4-speed cooling.

It also has an electric humidity control along with vertical & horizontal swing. This air cooler is built like an AC, which is the reason why people love this. The air cooler comes with a ten-hour timer and is powered by i-pure technology.


  • One-year warranty and free installation across India
  • Aesthetic and comes with a remote control


  • It is only suited for small rooms.

4) Symphony Siesta

Symphony Siesta Personal Cooler - 70 Litres, White

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Symphony Siesta Personal Cooler is another aesthetic piece with a 70-liter capacity. This air cooler consumes less energy and offers a better cooling experience. The cooling pads it comes with are quite efficient and deliver the cool air you need. Also, with this cooler, you can find honeycomb filters which make the overall functioning pretty effective. The cooler has a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

The cooler is not only effective but noiseless too. If you compare this to others in the segment, this air cooler is pretty silent in operation.


  • It has a one-year warranty
  • It has a high storage capacity and consumes less energy


  • Not highly durable

5) Symphony Siesta Jr

Symphony Siesta Jr Cooler (70L, White)

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The Symphony Siesta Jr is a smaller version of the previous cooler from Symphony. The size may be small, but the capacity to store water is about 70 liters. This again is an air cooler suited for pretty small rooms of up to 60m3 in area. It’s one of the most effective and affordable air coolers in this segment.

You can find an auto-swing castor with powerful airflow. The device is easy to control with the dial knobs. Low on power consumption, this cooler can deliver cool air within no time. Also, the device has wheels on the bottom, which makes it easy to move inside or outside the house. 


  • Portable and small in size
  • There’s an auto-swing feature with this cooler


  • Not much durable

6) Symphony Ice Cube 27

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Air Cooler For Home with Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, i-Pure Technology and Low Power Consumption (27L, White)

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This air cooler from Symphony is an affordable cooling solution. The storage capacity of this cooler is around 27 liters and comes with a powerful fan. This cooler is equipped with honeycomb pads on three sides which makes it more effective.

This device is suited for a room of about 46cubic meters in size. This cooler not only provides you with cool air but with pure air too. It comes with an allergy filter, smell filter, and bacteria filter. Also, the pump this cooler comes with is highly durable and will work fine season after season.


  • This cooler has a one-year warranty and is quite affordable
  • Makes the air cooler and pure


  • This cooler is suited for small rooms.

7) Symphony Touch 110

Symphony Air Cooler - 110L, White

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The Symphony Touch 110 is the most advanced air cooler on our list. This cooler has a 110-liter water storage capacity and is suited for rooms with 142 cubic meter capacity. It has aspen cooling pads on four sides which offer a superior cooling experience. The air cooler is energy efficient and can run on inverter power as well. This air cooler purifies through its multistage air purification.

The control panel is quite easy to manage and also supports a otouch screen. You can also find a remote and can control it via voice asset too. This device has a warranty of around two years against any manufacturing defects.


  • Multistage Purification with dust and smell filter
  • Energy-efficient, touchscreen and has a one-year warranty


  • It’s quite an expensive cooler.

8) Symphony Sumo 115

Symphony Sumo 115 XL Desert Air Cooler For Home with Honeycomb Pads, Powerful +Air Fan, i-Pure Console and Low Power Consumption (115L, Grey)

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The Symphony Sumo has the best storage capacity of about 115 liters. The cooling coverage is quite good and is suited for rooms of up to 125 m3. It comes with honeycomb pads which make the cooling even more effective. The design it comes with is unique and is meant to deliver more air in less time.

It has an easy dial knob control for easy speed adjustments. You can also find castor wheels on the bottom which make this cooler portable. The cooler also has a dura pump technology to increase the life of its pump—also, this product has a 1 year warranty against all manufacturing defects.


  • Low power consumption and best water storage capacity
  • Powerful fan and unique design for better airflow


  • This cooler is quite expensive

Buying Guide

Air coolers are highly used in India. After all air coolers offer effective and efficient cooling to your room. It is highly economical as compared to the air conditioners. However, you must keep in mind some essential things before you buy a cooler for your home. Here’s a buying guide for you.

1- Safety

Air coolers work for almost the entire day even when we are asleep. This is why it must have all the safety features in it. Features like voltage fluctuation protection, thermal overload protection must be there in the air cooler you buy for your house.

2- Ice Tray

Some air coolers are available with ice trays. This is a great feature as it can cool the room much faster than the other regular air coolers. These kinds of coolers can be used in cities like Delhi, where the temperature is very high in summers.

3- Mobility and Design

If you are going to have a fixed place for the cooler, then you must go for outdoor air coolers. This will save a lot of space inside your home. If you are looking for a cooler that is portable and can be shifted to different places of the house, choose the one that has an upright design, not very large in size, and has sturdy wheels.

4- Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is necessary for all air coolers. Cooling media is that part of the air cooler that needs to be replaced very often. Invest in an air cooler that has a good quality cooling mode that lasts for a good amount of time. The water pump also needs maintenance. A high-quality water pump, especially the hundred percent copper motors, will last very long.

5- Compatibility with Invertors

Power cuts are generally a very common thing in India during summers. This is why the air cooler must run on the invertor’s battery power. You can check with the manufacturer you’re buying the product from. 

6- Energy Efficiency 

You’ll fund numerous air coolers which get the work done. But how many of them are energy efficient and consume less power? Very few, right? It’s the reason why you should check for how much energy an air cooler consumes. The lesser the energy consumption is, the more will be the efficiency.

7- Cooler Storage Capacity

This is quite an important factor to consider. Whenever you’re looking for an air cooler, make sure to check the storage capacity. Usually, a cooler with low storage capacity is suited for smaller rooms and vice versa.

8- Warranty & Controls

Air coolers may be cheaper than air conditioners, but you still need to look for a warranty. Fortunately, most air coolers from Symphony offer a warranty from manufacturing defects. Also, you check for how easy is it to control a cooler. You can control some coolers with Dials and some with remote. If you have the right budget, you can choose an advanced air cooler with the most advanced controls.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered some of the FAQs related to the symphony air coolers. We hope this might help you in choosing the right air cooler for your need.

Do air coolers require high maintenance? 

Air coolers are a highly economical source of cooling your living room or any part of your house during summers. These instruments do not need high maintenance. If you buy a cooler with a good quality water pump and cooling media, you do not worry about maintenance as they will last long enough.

Do air coolers consume more electricity? 

Apart from being economical, air coolers also consume very little energy and are highly energy efficient. A symphony air cooler requires nearly the same amount of electricity as in the case of a fan.

Do these air coolers also work in humidity?

These air coolers work the best in dry conditions. But it will also work effortlessly even in humid conditions unless the humidity is under the level of saturation. If the weather is extremely humid, then an air cooler is not recommended.

Are air coolers good for large rooms?

This really depends on how big the room is and how large the cooler’s storage capacity is. If you have a pretty large room, you must go for Symphony Sumo which has one of the largest water storage tanks. If you have a small room, you can prefer air coolers with small storage tanks.    

How to find the right model of the air cooler? 

You must identify the need for the air cooler. There are a variety of different models available in the market. A perfect cooler depends on various factors such as room size, budget, the climate of the area, etc.


Symphony air coolers are one of the most loved by people across India. You can find various models with numerous capacity and feature variations. If you have a small room, you must go for a cooler with less water storage capacity and vice versa. Please find the buying guide we’ve attached with this article. It’s quite useful and will help you decide which symphony air cooler is the best. If you’re able to make the best choice, please share this info with others and keep coming back for more.   

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