Best Washing machine in India 2020 – Buyers rating & reviews

Best Washing Machine in India(2020)- Its Features & Reviews

Tired up by washing your clothes with hands? (best washing machine in India).

Yes, friends choose the best washing machine in India for your ease and comfort. Earlier ladies wash their clothes with hands and detergent which is quite un-easy and make their hands stiff and damage. To protect their beautiful hands and their time skip washing your clothes with hands, choose the best washing machine for your home now.

A washing machine is a machine used to wash the clothes without hands and also squeeze them to remove water without using your hands. It enables you to wash and squeeze your clothes automatically without any need for supervision.

Steps to wash the clothes in your washing machine are:

  • Let separate the white and color clothes so that white clothes don’t turn out in multi-color due to mixing with colored clothes.
  • Drop the clothes in washer Tub of washing machine and then fill the water and detergent according to the clothes requirement.
  • First, set the timer for soaking the clothes in detergent for 5-10 minutes. So, the hard stains are removed easily after wash.
  • Select the mode in which you want to wash the clothes. Modes are of three types:
    1. Gentle – woolen, warm clothes
    2. Normal – Cotton, linen and durable synthetics
    3. Strong – Blankets and other heavy winter clothes
  • After the soaking run the machine for at least by 15-20 minutes and choose the washing mode according to your fabric.
  • Drain the Detergent water from the washer tub and fill the clean water into it for removing the detergent from the clothes.
  • After removing the detergent, select the drier mode on and let them dry for at least 5 minutes.

Which is the best washing machine in India?

Where to buy washing machine in affordable price?

So, the answer is here:

Types of the washing machine are:


Semi-automatic Machine

This one is the most common and cheapest washing machine in India. It has two tubs one is for washing and another one is for drying the clothes. Easy in use and available in every second shop of washing machines. It is partially automatic-requiring some physical efforts and pain as compared to fully automatic.

Fully automatic Machine

A lot of ladies have a busy life or work, it is preferable to choose a fully automatic machine. The fully automatic machine does all the work by itself without any supervision as compare to semi-automatic machines. You can put the clothes in the washer and then the clothes automatically come up outside after squeezing and dry. There are two types of fully automatic machine are:

  • Front-loaded

Front-loaded washing machines are costlier than the top-loaded machine. Clothes are put from the front of the side of that machine. It automatically does all the work itself. You cannot use the manual part in it. It requires more space to put in the home.

  • Top loaded

The top-loaded washing machine is more common, cheapest and easy to use with two combinations automatic & manually. Clothes are put from the top in the washer. If you want to wash the soft cloth with your hands so it was easily available in a top-loaded. It is good for those people who have narrower space at home to place the washing machine as fully automatic top-loaded require less space.

Which is the best washing machine in India in 2020?

Now let’s talk about the top brands of the washing machine.

Which are the best brands of the washing machine in India?

Top 7 brands of the semi-automatic machine in 2020 are:



    1)  LG 8.0 KG P9037R3SM

washing machine india alt

alt washing machine1

LG is a trusted and very popular brand in India in Air conditioners (know more about ACs of Lg brands). It has excellent features such as Roller Jet Pulsator. The pulsator has high rotational speed and a good degree of friction. The collar scrubber makes your work easy. The dryer dries the clothes at least by 50%.

The availability of Wheels is a very comfortable feature for you to move it from one place to another. It has also rat away technology so rats do not dare to come into it. One negative point is there that no facility is provided for hot water.

    2)  LG 7.5 KG -P8541R3SA

best washing machine alt

alt washing machine 2

Again, Lg Comes on to the second-best product in the washing machine. The roller jet pulsator has an excellent rotation. It has a high speed of 1400 rpm. Ability to soak the clothes before turn on the washer. Having three modes of washing – Gentle, Normal, strong.

The rat repellent technology keeps the machine free from rats or unwanted pests inside in it. It has spell -Binding performance, easy to set up and use.

    3)  Samsung 7.2 KG – WT725QpNDMP

wash machine alt

alt washing machine 3

Samsung is also a good brand of the washing machine if we compete with LG. It the best semi-automatic machine under 10000 INR.

The excellent rotational speed of 1000 rpm, suits for the capacity of Indian families. The EZ wash tray is the feature that allows scrubbing the clothes fully before transferring it into the machine. The lint filter is fitted in it to clean the clothes after collecting the trash in it. Anti-corrosive plastic body with the best design and 2-way handler in it.

    4)  Whirlpool 7 Kg – Superb Atom 70S

Alt Whirlpool image

alt washing machine 4

Whirlpool is also a reputed brand among homemakers’ products in Indian markets. This washing machine has an intelligent scrub station where you can easily scrub your clothes before putting them into the washer. It has super soak technology for 25 minutes. 66l washtub allows the clothes to move freely. The lint connector collects the fabric residue and lint in it and prevents to damage the machine. It has a powerful motor of 340W. Having a large-sized drum, multi-utility tray to carrying clothes. But the washtub and spin tub both have different water inlets.

    5)  Lg 7.0 Kg- P8053R3SA

alt image text

alt washing machine 5

Another washing machine of Lg comes to compete with others. It has superb speed up to 1300 rpm, an energy-efficient machine. The ideal capacity of clothes for big families as it has a 7 kg washer tub. Lint collector allows to left residue of clothes in the filter. Rat technology is available so it prohibits the rat entry into it. Easy mobility due to good attractive wheels in it. The air dryer is very good to soak the water of 50% in your clothes. But at last, it is a heavy machine as compare to others.

    6)  Whirlpool 7 kg – Superb atom 70 S -Grey

machine alt text

alt washing machine 6

Whirlpool brands give you many different features of semi & fully automatic machines. It is one of the Good machines in semi-automatic one. Rotation speed is very awesome as it is 1450 rpm. The auto-restart button is allowed you to start the washer by itself.

Scrub feature is also available to soak the clothes for max 25 minutes. Even the washtub comes with an in-built scrubber which removes the excess dirt from clothes the washer tub capacity of 66liters which is quite enough for big families.

Power motor in it which is of 340 w makes it best from another brand of washing machines.

    7)  Lg 6.5 Kg – P7550R3FA



alt washing machine 7

No doubt it is the most popular brand but its quite expensive as we compare it with features and other brands. Its price is under 11000 INR.

Having a high speed of 1300 rpm with 6.5 kg capacity in washer tub which is quite enough for small families. Like another brand link collector and rat, repellent technology are available in it. Good spinner as clothes is come out with 40% of dryness.

Scrubber help to keep dirt away from cuffs, collars and other parts of clothes. Roller jet pulsator helps to enhance the speed with good rotations and moves.



Want to choose good and latest 2020 best fully automatic washing machine?

So, you are at the right place lets talk about the fully automatic brands of the washing machine to avoid manual work and make life easy.


Fully-automatic washing machines

    1)  Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL-6.5 kg -Front-loaded Automatic

auto matic washing machine alt

alt wm auto 1

Samsung Washing machines are the most popular and good brands of fully automatic. It has amazing features. This model is inverter friendly, less power consumption and less noisy too. The inbuilt heater gives you hot water washing of clothes and energy-efficient. Big metallic diamond drum help to clean the clothes well.

Positive points are less power consumption, touch LED panel, Comes in 10 years of warranty with low water consumption in the washer tub.

Negative points include less rpm that is 1000 only so clothes are not dry so well.

    2)  IFB TL -RDSS 6 kg Aqua -Top loaded fully automatic

alt image text washing machine

alt wm auto 2

IFB is an Indian brand who gives large competition to international brands. It has given a good design model with superb technology for Indian consumers. This brand gives Aqua Energy Technology which helps in cleaning clothes in even hard water. You can run the machine easily even if the water pressure is low in your house.

The sensor attaches in it which saves water and detergent when the water or detergent is excessive fill in the water tub. This feature also saves electricity. It has 6 Different modes of options to wash the cloth according to its fabric.

But at the same time, it has cons also that the rpm is low only 720 so the dry part of the cloth is not good. Water consumption is high and also not having a hot water washing feature.

    3)  Bosch WAB16060IN-6kg -Front-loaded fully automatic

washing machine alt text


alt wm auto 3

Bosch brand is a German brand with A+ European technology. Best front loaded machine in India. It gives you good features in quite good pricing. It has speed perfect technology through which the washing is done 70% faster.

Active water sensor technology helps you to use the perfect amount of water and detergent.so you can easily save water and detergent.

3D Aqua spa feature helps to soak laundry during the washing process its saves water also. There are 8 washing modes in it. Shockproof body and having a foam detection system helps in removing excess foam during the washing period.

    4)  Whirlpool white magic 6.5 Kg -Top loaded fully automatic

machine alt text

alt wm auto 4

The new whirlpool best Fully automatic top loader washing machine comes in various attractive features as compared to others. ZPF Technology helps to fill the tub 50% faster than others and having an express wash so it reduces the time in consuming in washing. Ability to deal with hard water so free of tension for those who live in the areas where the hard water comes. The simple system of working only 3 buttons are there to complete the washing.

8 Different wash programs are Normal, speed, Heavy Delicates, whites, rinse, spin. Power-efficient 360w only and consume 220v,50 Hz, spa wash system, water and detergent indicator, Power scrubber.

2 years of warranty by the company.

    5)  LG 6 Kg Inverter fully automatic -Front-loaded- FH0FANDNL02

washing machine


alt wm auto 5

6 kg washing machine is best for small families and couples. This model comes in the inverter motor and inbuilt heater. 6 motion technology helps in eliminating tough stains by move the drum in various directions.

Direct Drive technology helps in reducing noise and vibration, its maintenance cost is also not too much. The auto-restart button helps in restarting the machine by itself.

You can easily wash the clothes in hot water with the help of the in-built heater. Shockproof, rustproof body, child lock system is also available.

The tub clean facility heats the water up to 85 c to remove the dirt from clothes and soap residues. Rat mesh is also fitted in it.

But the AutoStart option does not work when you turn on the child lock button.

6)  LG 8 Kg Loaded inverter washing machine – T9077NEDL1

testing washing machine


alt wm auto 6

Most of the Indian ladies prefer top-loaded machines, as they want both works manually and electronically. LG gives you this model in 8 kg capacity which is quite good so good for Indian big families. Smart Inverter motor adjusts the energy consumption. Excellent washing options That save energy up to 36% and 70% of water.

The turbo drum and pulsator rotate the cloth in the opposite direction by which the tough stains easily removed. The tub clean function to sanitize the inner and outer tub to remove the unpleasant smell comes after the washing process.

But on the other hand, the time adjustment feature is missing for rinsing the clothes. And drier also needs improvement as in the designing part.

    7)  IFB 6.5 Kg Fully-automatic top-loaded -TLRDW

ifb alt text image


alt wm auto 7

IFB washing machines also takes another position in the fully automatic washing machine in 2020.It gives the best model for Indian families. The speed is 720 rpm with an LED display screen. The Triadic Pulsator removes the tough stains by using its powerful swirl jets of water and your clothes like sparkling.

Aqua Energie helps to dissolve detergent in water properly to deliver soft wash. Aqua Spa Therapy exfoliates and regenerates clothes by hydrating fiber.

Auto soft dispenser, Bubble leveler mechanism makes to reduce vibration and noise. Voltage protection Protects your machine from voltage fluctuations so the machine is not damaged.

It doesn’t have a hot water wash facility like other brands of the washing machines in India.


After seeing the best features of all the best brands of washing machine (Semi-Automatic & Fully automatic) of 2020 in India. We just want to say LG, IFB, Samsung are the best washing machine in India.

You Must go on through these features while selecting the best washing machine in India:
  • The rpm of the machine is a very important part while selecting the washing machine. It is a must for high-speed rotation and moving in directions of clothes in it. High-speed rotation makes the clothes cleaner.
  • Power scrubber feature helps to remove the tough stains of clothes easily so you do not worry to rub the tough collars by hands.
  • Child lock system to save your children from electric shocks.
  • Rats repellent technology to stay away from rats and insects from your Machine.
  • Active water sensor to stop the filling of excessive water and detergents in the washing machine.
  • At least 2 years of warranty by the company.
  • Choose the Inverter friendly machine so you can also run at when there is no electricity at your home.
  • Inbuilt heater availability so you can easily wash your cloth with hot water when you need it.
  • The stainless steel drum is quite well for a good cleaning of your clothes.
  • Powerful motor and good spinner to enhance the dryness of clothes in the winter season also as per Indian weather.
  • Different washer options are also available for your comfort. Washer options are a must for different types of clothes like nylon, cotton, woolen synthetic, etc. So, if the machine has all these options your clothes don’t harm by the high or low speed of rotation, because rotational speed is already in-built set according to the fabric. In all fully automatic machines, there is more than 5 washer option -Normal, Gentle, strong, Heavy Delicate, whites, rinse.
  • Auto-Start feature is also important to restart the washer in your washing machine by itself if you are busy somewhere else.


After taking consideration of all these best and important features,  you can opt for any of the above brands of washing machines for your home.









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