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How Your Air cooler Reduces Humidity This Summer 2020 ?



With an increased pressure of heat and global warming in our world, we all are switch on to an air conditioner. But at the same time an air conditioner has many dangerous effects like on human health, enhancement of global warming in world, excessive power usage which lead to depletion of our precious resources and so on.So, one question is roll up in our mind all the time that what we do now to save ourselves from all of these effects?I have a great option for you to increase the purity of air coolers and enhance cooling in your home with least side effects. So, there are some Ways To Make Your Air cooler Reduces Humidity This Summer.

Just switch on to an Air cooler!!!!!

Air cooler is very good if you pick over to an air conditioner. Because it has no side effects on human health and  global warming. Moreover, it has less power usage and environmental friendly too.

Everyone wants to increase the cooling of its cooler. So, friends try to do the following ways to increase its cooling like an air conditioner and feel cool this season. Popular brands of coolers are (Symphony, Bajaj, Maharaja white line, Kenstar cyclone-12, Orient Electric Smart Cool Dx). These all brands are the best brands of air coolers.

Which are the tricks to enhance the air coolers cooling in humid place?

4 Ways To Make Your Air cooler Reduces Humidity are:

Add Ice in your water tank

Ice tray

What is the use of Ice tray in an air coolers?

Adding an Ice has an ultimate effect on your cooler for its cooling. By putting some ice in your cooler’s water tank or in an ice tray, it will give an ice cooling air in your room. Most of the branded coolers like (Symphony, Bajaj, Maharaja white line) gives a good Ice tanker to put the ice in the coolers. They provide separate ice tray in it. Even the ice which you put in to it, keep for an at least 7-8 hours in the tank. so, its enough for the whole night. That is why it is the Best Way for an Air cooler Reduces Humidity .

Fitted the cooler near windows

ventilation image

Is putting an air cooler near window section enhance the cooling of air coolers?

In an ancient time, people build many windows in the home for ventilation. It’s only the trick that if they have many open windows, it helps to throw the humid air outside and cool the room automatically.

If you put your cooler at near windows section, the heated air which goes to an air cooler easily passes out from your room outside by the help of windows. It also reduces the pressure on to the cooler and chill room the with the cool air.
If you select the desert cooler over a room cooler it is a great choice. Desert cooler gives more cooling than room cooler if its placement near windows. so this idea is the best for cooling in your home in cheapest way. In humid places , It is the best way for Air cooler Reduces Humidity.

Put the cooler speed on low mode

In which mode does air coolers reduces humidity?

It’s an amazing trick. On high mode fan works more rather than ice and water cooling. It only increase its fan air by switch on to high mode and at the same time fan only gives an more Dry air not the cooling one.

In an air conditioner the cooling comes internally, without the much need of fan. So, same in an air cooler put the low mode speed. So, the pressure goes on the ice and pads not on the fan. They work well. In a high mode the pressure goes on to the fan which converts the heat inside and turns out in hot air after some time.

Maintenance and care of coolers

clean coolers

Does maintenance of air coolers are of high cost and necessary?

After all every electronic item need its maintenance so same as air coolers. Most important part to be care of cooling pads. They play an important role in passes cool air. First the water goes in to the pads then they soaked water and passes cool air with help of fans.

If the pads are not good or local one it does not soak the water properly and pass only air not the cool one. Keep in mind to choose the cooler which has honeycomb wool pads, it has more durability and effectiveness.

Also, to check the blades of fan, its water tank itself for effectiveness of cooler.

Some Best features of an Air coolers for your home are:


Water capacity

Up to 75-liter tank capacity is good for best coolers. Tanker plays a very important role in choosing an air coolers.

Good pads

Honey comb pads are considered very good pads rather than wood wool. The durability is good in honey comb pads. Pads plays an important role in an Air cooler Reduces Humidity.

Power usage

Less the power usage of air coolers Less will be your electricity bill!!!!

If you want to reduce the electricity bill so keep in mind this point while selecting coolers. Good branded coolers come in Up to 125 watts.

Speed knobs

To set the temperature of cooler you must need the speed knobs and swing knobs. so, it give you a comfort to operate it easily without moving from your place.

Ice tray

Adding an ice in an air cooler is very important part for getting cool air. For putting the ice, one must need ice tray. So, check the ice tray feature for selecting the cooler of your room.

Remote control

Now a Days branded cooler gives an option of remote control also so you can use this exclusive feature also.

Top branded coolers are (Kenstar cyclone-12, Orient Electric Smart Cool Dx) give remote controls option within good price and within warranty of one year.

Conclusion of Air cooler Reduces Humidity!!

After considering all the tricks mentioned above we can say that these are the best ways to increase the cooling of your Air coolers in your home like an air conditioners. These all are the natural tricks without any spending extra cost for it. so, try it now to increase the cooling and enjoy this summer with your cooler’s cooling air. For more effective air cooler you can go through our Best coolers from our website. Go to menu bar to find out the Best air cooler for this season.












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